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Travels with Willie is about finding adventure & facing fear, embarrassing blunders & language barriers, ice cream & kindness, Cuba & Colombia, Turkey & Thailand, the world's steepest street & the world's cheapest engagement ring, catching a thief & loosing a zebra, a father's touch & a farmer's embrace, buying time & spending another night. Fellow bicycle travelers will smile with recognition, and arm-chair travelers might find themselves wandering into a bike shop, looking for a passport to adventure. By Willie Weir. Sb. 239pp.


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Travels With Willie Rating:

Reviewed By: Ron Scheiblauer on 12/25/06

Excellent. After hearing Willie is person the book reads with his incredible voice in my ear. He is the ultimate adventure cyclist, challenging us all to broaden our horizons let go of our inhibitions in traveling to new and unusual places.

Travels with Willie- Adventure Cyclist Rating:

Reviewed By: Patrick Zyduck on 1/11/10

Excellent reading. I enjoyed it very much and wanted to read it over again after I finished. What really struck me was the kindness Willie was shown all over the world. It helped to restore some of the faith in humanity I have lost over the years. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves reading about bicycling, traveling or learning about other places, cultures and people.

Travels with Willie-Adventure Cyclist Rating:

Reviewed By: Kris on 2/16/10

What a great story about wonderful people all over the world. This book makes me feel inspired to travel by bike anywhere. You gain insight into how folks live in other parts of the world--an inside snapshot of what life is like across the globe. I prefer to read about the journey and not just how fast you went. Several of my biking friends passed around a copy of the book and now want their own copy.

Travels with Willie Rating:

Reviewed By: Janet Bilan on 1/25/11

A very inspirational read. As a touring adventure cyclist I am often in awe of the places Willie Weir has been and appreciate his open loving fearless view of people everywhere and his beautiful, poetic descriptions of the faraway lands I wlould also like to visit. By bicycle, of course!

Travels With Willie Rating:

Reviewed By: A customer from Fort Wright, KY on 2/3/11

Truly enjoyed it.

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