Jandd Touring Handle Bar Pack I

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These packs are mounted securely to the handlebars by Jandd's Quick Release Bracket, allowing the bags to be attached and detached instantly. Chock full of useful features, the main compartment opens away from the rider to allow easy access on the go and sports an interior elastic strap on one side for securing an extra water bottle in an upright position. Side compression straps can be pulled tight to ensure stable load distribution, and the roomy mesh side pockets have been redesigned with an elastic strip at top to keep their contents from bouncing out on bumpy terrain. Black


Dimensions: 9.5 x 10.5 x 5.5 (in)

Weight: 32oz

Volume: 828cu.in./ 13.6l

Material: Dupont Cordura®

Not compatible with 31.8 stem clamp diameter OS bars



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Consider this one for sure Rating:

Reviewed By: Paul Schmidt on 12/25/06

I had an Ortlieb medium and disliked it for various reasons including the lid was very tight and hard to close and it was hard to keep things organized inside of it due to the rounded corners at the front and rear. I am a big fan of Jandd stuff but never tried their handle bar bags because I was skeptical about their bracket. However, the bracket is really solid and I like the fact that it is easy to move it among different bikes unlike Ortlieb or KLICKix where you crimp and re-crimp the cable every time you remove and install it; their bracket is made to stay on only one bike. The Jandd folds flat if you want it to for travel but I use mine as a carry on. I wished the map holder was replaceable but Jandd states it is a marine grade plastic and it is really thick. I have had mine for a couple years and it has yet to yellow. My only gripe is their attachment is made for a 25.4/26.0 bar stem combo. If you have a 31.8 setup, plan on getting out a dremel tool to remove material from the inside of the bracket. Considering how popular 31.8 is becoming, Jandd really needs to do something about this and soon.

bicyclist Rating:

Reviewed By: A customer from Cave Creek, Arizona on 5/4/11

I bought 2 Handle Bar Pack 1s and my wife and I like the size and the compartments but what is missing is a zippered compartment on the inside of the main bag. I fashioned a zippered bag using one that I purchased and attached it to the inside. Also I feel that the way it is attached to the handle bars is weak and the material streatches and that causes the bag to sag and needs readjusting. After riding with the bag for a while it works very well for us.

Great Quaility Rating:

Reviewed By: Roger Pearson on 5/21/11

I purchased a handle bar pack to replace my 12 year old pack. I was pleased with the size and quality so I purchsed another for my wife's bike. We bike annually 4000 miles. I did find that the way the bag attatches to the bike requires several adjustments as it sags for a bit at first. I also added a zippered bag on the for small items and back up cash on the inside attaching it using the existing screws that hold on the bag to the bike. The map section is great.

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