2XU Compression Leggings

$70.00 $50.00 (Sale Price)

Compression wear is designed to fit snugly, and assist in supporting your muscles and blood flow, it is lightweight, very packable, has an antibacterial material built in to cut down on odor, wicks moisture to prevent chaffing, and provides UPF 50+ sun protection. The high gauge material is circular knit to allow the clothing to stretch in all directions, which gives it outstanding durability and consistent compression.

When you put it on, you will actually feel a cooling sensation, and it is comparable lying down with your feet elevated above your head. By keeping circulation through your legs moving, you can avoid that 'heavy' or 'loaded' feeling you get in your legs after long rides. For tours that span many days, this can be a great way to stay fresher throughout the ride.

Put on the leggings or socks and you can wear them right up until your ready to ride, and put them back on immediately post-ride. The socks are outstanding for walking around the town or campsite, and the leggings are great for all-around use -- they are even comfortable to sleep in. If you’re taking compression clothes with you on your next tour, be sure to wear them on the plane or car ride as well to help keep your legs fresh on day one.


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