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51. Ridden to Distraction by Josh Tack

Fine Tuned | Aug 2014

Gear to help you stay focused on the road ahead

52. Geared Up by Mike Deme, Josh Tack & Alex Strickland

Geared Up/Gear Guides | Aug 2014

Camp, Carry, and Cameras

53. Sneak Preview by Jim Sayer

Letter from the Director | Aug 2014

2016 — our 40th anniversary — is shaping up to be an extraordinary year

54. Forging Ahead While Looking Back by Mike Deme

Letter from the Editor | Aug 2014

Where the past and present merge

55. Open Road Gallery by Gage Poore & Greg Siple

Open Road Gallery | Aug 2014

Because we're crazy...

56. The Rides of His Life by Dan D'Ambrosio

Profile | Aug 2014

Greg Crawford is determined to beat a rare disease that ends children’s lives before they’ve really begun.

57. Riding Sweep by Alex Strickland

Riding Sweep | Aug 2014

News from the Adventure Cycling Association

58. Road Test: Salsa by Patrick O'Grady

Road Test | Aug 2014

Hitting the blue highways aboard a Salsa Vaya 2

59. Road Test: Xtracycle by Matt Weibe

Road Test | Aug 2014

Exploring the cargo bike life on a Xtracycle Edgerunner

60. America's Darling: Route 66 by Nathan Ward

Features | Aug 2014

Discovering America’s “Mother Road” along Adventure Cycling’s forthcoming Bicycle Route 66 in the high deserts of New Mexico.