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51. Bike Bits Vol. 16, No. 15, August 6, 2014 by Michael McCoy

Bike Bits | Aug, 06, 2014

Bike Bits is Adventure Cycling's biweekly bicycle bulletin in text-only format for quick downloads and includes links for more information. We want to inspire you to dream, and to live your own bicycle adventures.

52. In Search of the Great War by Ben Horan

Features | Aug 2014

The scars from World War I haven’t faded from Belgium, where a rich history and deep love of cycling make fertile ground for bicycle touring.

53. Ridden to Distraction by Josh Tack

Fine Tuned | Aug 2014

Gear to help you stay focused on the road ahead

54. Geared Up by Mike Deme, Josh Tack & Alex Strickland

Geared Up/Gear Guides | Aug 2014

Camp, Carry, and Cameras

55. Sneak Preview by Jim Sayer

Letter from the Director | Aug 2014

2016 — our 40th anniversary — is shaping up to be an extraordinary year

56. Forging Ahead While Looking Back by Mike Deme

Letter from the Editor | Aug 2014

Where the past and present merge

57. Open Road Gallery by Gage Poore & Greg Siple

Open Road Gallery | Aug 2014

Because we're crazy...

58. The Rides of His Life by Dan D'Ambrosio

Profile | Aug 2014

Greg Crawford is determined to beat a rare disease that ends children’s lives before they’ve really begun.

59. Riding Sweep by Alex Strickland

Riding Sweep | Aug 2014

News from the Adventure Cycling Association

60. Road Test: Salsa by Patrick O'Grady

Road Test | Aug 2014

Hitting the blue highways aboard a Salsa Vaya 2