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41. A Down Payment on Adventure by Nick Legan

Buyer's Guides | Apr 2014

Touring Bike Buyer's Guide

42. Road Test: Heart of Steel by Jill Janov

Road Test | Apr 2014

Testing the Heart of Steel Coto Doñana Tour

43. Lucas Eckels and Anne Williams by Alex Strickland

Life Member Profile | Apr 2014

Commuters-turned-tourers strike out on the road as a family

44. Waypoints by Alex Strickland

Waypoints | Apr 2014

News you can use from around the world of bicycle travel

45. Logistics of a Successful Bike Tour by Merrill Callaway

Features | Apr 2014

Plan your next tour with precision

46. Solidream by Brian Mathé

Features | Apr 2014

More than a round-the-world bicycle trip as friends — three years of dreams, challenges, and sharing

47. Bike Bits Vol. 16, No. 5, March 5, 2014 by Michael McCoy

Bike Bits | Mar, 05, 2014

Bike Bits is Adventure Cycling's biweekly bicycle bulletin in text-only format for quick downloads and includes links for more information. We want to inspire you to dream, and to live your own bicycle adventures.

48. Fractured by Jim Sayer

Letter from the Director | Mar 2014

A lame leg conjures fears and dreams for 2014

49. Summer 2011: My Great TransAm Divide Adventure - Part 2 by Michael McCoy

Features | Mar 2014

The man most responsible for the creation of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route continues his journey more than a decade later.

50. Winter Wonderland by Mike Deme

Letter from the Editor | Mar 2014

Cycling in snow can be fun