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2091. Pedaling Backwards by Hugh T. Smith

Features | Jul 1988

in time.

2092. A Year on a Bike by Patricia Lesko

Features | Jun 1988

Stolen memories.

2093. The Shell Game by Daniel D'Ambrosio

Features | Jun 1988

All about helmets.

2094. Knots by Hugh D. Stevens

Features | Jun 1988

Fit to be tied.

2095. Riding the Mongolian Plateau by Elaine Pitkin

Features | Jun 1988

Asia's Outback.

2096. The Crash of '27 by Robert W. Talbot

Features | Jun 1988

You didn't hear about this one.

2097. Breakfast on Rainier by Warren Volkmann

Features | May 1988

The "Crown Jewel"

2098. Plan for Success by Robin D. Krause

Features | May 1988

Think before you go.

2099. Speak Up! by Faye B. Morrison

Features | May 1988

Cross the language barrier.

2100. Let's Go, Europe! by Karen Whitehill

Features | May 1988

Some basic advice.