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1991. Full Circle in the Far North by Lisa Kemmerer

Features | Jul 1993

Touring in Alaska, the Yukon and B.C.

1992. Drink Before You're Thirsty by Bob Martin

Features | Jul 1993

Some simple advice.

1993. Getting from Here to There by David M. Lewis, Sr.

Features | Jun 1993

Some thoughts on asking directions.

1994. Senior Delinquents by Kevin Tinto

Features | Jun 1993

Mom and dad on the TransAm Trail.

1995. Yurts and Beatlemania by Michael Ryan

Features | Jun 1993

Mongolian passage

1996. Fixing a flat in 34 Easy Steps by Michael Ryan

Features | Jun 1993

No kidding!

1997. Half of a Dream by Lynne Ashdown

Features | May 1993

Riding the western half of the TransAmerica Trail

1998. Shave and a Haircut by Ray Farnow

Features | May 1993

In search of a barber.

1999. Specks on the Map by Kenneth Seasholes

Features | May 1993

Pakistan: not the obvious choice, but a good one.

2000. Spring Training by Gary Keene

Features | May 1993

Are you in the fine eyewear or flannel shirt crowd?