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1981. A Summer of Cyclists by Diane Jacobson

Features | Nov 1993

A remembrance of those who were passing through.

1982. Road Reports by Members

Features | Nov 1993

Our fifth annual round-up of tour stories from members.

1983. Henry by Diane Matthews

Features | Sep 1993

Road find extraordinaire.

1984. The Jewel of Indonesia by Jim Wilson

Features | Sep 1993

It's Bali, and there's good cycling.

1985. Bam! by Peter Hochstein

Features | Aug 1993

Ride along on Bicycle Across Massachusetts.

1986. The Road to Revolution by Walton Conway

Features | Aug 1993

Where were you when the coup came down?

1987. Canal Diving in Holland by Patrick O'Grady

Features | Aug 1993

Don't do this at home, or in Holland.

1988. A Sunday in Montreal with 90,000 Wheels by Dan D'Ambrosio

Features | Aug 1993

A Sunday ride in Montreal with 45,000 friends.

1989. Raratonga Dreamin' by James Hendrickson

Features | Jul 1993

A South Seas adventure

1990. Surfing Kansas by Mark A. Johnson

Features | Jul 1993

There IS life away from the coast, especially when you're on a bike.