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1971. Vestiges of the Prairie by Norman Reeder

Features | Sep 1989

A Midwest odyssey.

1972. Cycling Chicago Style by Jon Donlon

Features | Sep 1989

Lakeshore Drive, and more.

1973. Dog Trouble by Carl Cahill

Features | Sep 1989

What's got into this mutt?!

1974. Good Advice by Richard Stookey

Features | Sep 1989

You have to know when to take it.

1975. A Mysterious Land by Barry Goodman

Features | Sep 1989

Beyond western Europe.

1976. Test Ride by Jeff Casebolt

Features | Aug 1989

The final installment.

1977. Coming Home by Julie Klym

Features | Aug 1989

When the dream tour ends.

1978. Touring the Night Sky by Susan Cort Johnson

Features | Aug 1989

Look up!

1979. American Dream by Marco Codebo

Features | Aug 1989

An Italian on the Northern Tier Route.

1980. Test Ride by Jeff Casebolt

Features | Jul 1989

Part five of an Alaska to Argentina adventure.