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1961. Turtles from Outer Space by Randy Gibson

Features | Jul 1991

When you've been out too long.

1962. Idle Hands by Leigh F. Wade

Features | Jul 1991

When you've been IN too long.

1963. Crossing the Rubicon by Dave Harvey

Features | Jul 1991

Adventures with "Big Fella."

1964. Take That Job And... by Fletch Brown

Features | Jun 1991

Social security cycling.

1965. Banned in Texas by Jeff Siegel & Dorothy Abbott

Features | Jun 1991

Road closures raise a furor among Texas cyclists.

1966. The Old-Fashioned Way by Chuck Patton

Features | Jun 1991

England's Snowdonia National Park.

1967. Mr. Mack Goes Biking by Grace Brina

Features | Jun 1991

Read this one to our kids.

1968. Scarecrow by Nan Baker

Features | Jun 1991

Mystery in Nova Scotia.

1969. Canyons and Monoliths by Jeanine Barone

Features | May 1991

A tour through Colorado National Monument.

1970. Short, but Sweet by Ann Milton

Features | May 1991

Four Alaskan women hit the road.